29 April 2011

ric woods photography fashion and lighting course- behind the scenes video

Turn up the volume and take the jump to the "Behind the Scenes" video of our recent Fashion & Beauty Photography & Lighting Course. At ric woods photography we conduct small classes for better one on one time and the latest course (21 page pdf course booklet download) was a blast....All participants get to shoot and take home fantastic portfolio images.
The studio ( location) was buzzing with enthusiastic and creative people and at 6pm it all took off!
We started with some theory like:
  • Camera preparation,lens selection...we talked about shutter speed, aperture , ISO and how to balance or eliminate the ambient studio like.We showed how to get clean perfect exposures straight out of the camera.I shot images tethered to two monitors and showed practical differences with light modifiers. I use equipment that people have in their own kits like umbrella's as well as studio gear like gridded beauty dishes and large soft boxes.
  • We instructed people how to engage the models.We explain why we NEVER touch models without asking.Composition and camera point of view are covered.We talked about photographic releases explaining that you MUST have a release for every portrait and every wedding shoot. You get the HERO shot you best have a release before you sell that image on the Commercial Scene, OR it could come back at you and you may need pay many $$$$s to clean up the mess.
Special thanks to;
  • Maree Nichols my business partner and production manager for pulling it all together.If you need more information about the courses of booking a shoot at the studio, shoot her an email maree@ricwoods.com.
We gave a couple of students their "shot" in a commercial studio.
  • Caitlin Nolan-Jones wants to be a creative director. Caitlin was given free reign to design the theme for the shoot.She sourced the clothing and accessories and enlisted the aide of two friends to be the male and female models.She did a great job and exceeded our expectations.She did the work and was rewarded with a great result.She supplied several looks and did well in the 3 hour course.
My tip for up and comers that want their "shot" . Do the work you want to get paid to do....do the work..do the work.
  • Piyanuch "Nuu" Hathaipontaluk was our make up artist and did well to collaborate with Caitlin to pull the vision together.She was showing off her skills, doing male and female make up finishing with a Dramatic look on our female model. Also thanks for her patience in my poor attempts to pronounce her Thai Name.
  • Odessa our female model was stunning and brought amazing beauty to the photo shoot.
  • Liam was the perfect male model, making light when some participants were finding it difficult to shoot and talk at the same time.
  • Thanks to Kristie, Debbie,Peter, Zahra, Kaz and Llynda the participants...great work, good listening.
  • Eagle Boys Pizza for delivering ON TIME and making GLUTEN FREE Pizzas...

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